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These plates show some results using the His3 reporter system. Each plate contains sectors of yeast with each of the pACT (GAL4) activator domain fusions (e.g. the pACT:Mth11 fusions on the first plate) and two colonies each of Mth11, Mth1618, Mth687, and Mth688 fusions with the LexA DNA-binding domain. The plates lack added histidine and contain some 3-AT, so only His+ cells should be able to grow. As you can see, sectors containing pACT:Mth11 with pLEX:Mth11 and pLEX:Mth1618 grow weakly. Sectors containing pACT:Mth1618 with pLEX:Mth11 grow well, pACT:Mth687 with pLEX:Mth688 grow well, and pACT:Mth688 with pLEX:Mth687 also grow well.