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This implies that Mth687 and Mth688 interact, and Mth11 and Mth1618 interact. These were confirmed using the lacZ reporter system. The interactions between Mth11 and Mth1618, and between Mth687 and Mth688, are strong and reciprocal, meaning that the expression of the reporter gene was detected when Mth11 was fused to the LexA DNA-binding domain and Mth1618 to the GAL4 activator domain, or visa versa, and likewise for the Mth687/Mth688 pair. The weaker apparent interaction of Mth11 with itself, and potentially with both Mth687 and Mth688 (from experiments I haven't shown you) are shown with the light blue arrows.

We also tried 3-hybrid crosses to detect RNA:protein interactions, but these are 3-hybrids analyses are techincally convoluted, and we were not able to detect any interactions.