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Mission Statement

Our Mission

The North Carolina Academy of Science promotes public appreciation of science, science education, scientific research and a meaningful role for science in public policy.

Our Goals

  • Promote public appreciation of science
    • Partnership with Science Centers
    • Public Lecture Series
    • Newsletter
  • Promote science education
    • NCAS Webpage
    • Academic Lecture Series
    • NCAS Publications: Journal, Educational Publications
    • Student Academy - Middle & High School
  • Promote scientific research
    • Yarbrough and Bryden Research Grants
    • CANCAS Undergraduate Research Workshop
    • Presentation Opportunities at Annual Meetings
    • Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science
  • Promote science in public policy
    • Symposia
    • News Releases
    • Position Statements
    • Interactions with Public Officials

The North Carolina Academy of Science, Meredith College Department of Biological Sciences, 3800 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27606-5298
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