Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Yarbrough Award Winners!

Here’s a list of our grant winners for this year - all will receive funds to support their research, and we look forward to hearing about their progress at next year’s Annual Meeting!

 Jeremy Brown for the submission “Efficacy of combined ultrasonic/antibiotic treatment for removal of complex biofilms from medical implant plastics” with faculty advisor Melanie Lee-Brown at Guilford College. 

Austin Snide for the submission “Eggshell organizing factor 1 protein in Psorophora Ferox mosquitos” with faculty advisor Carmony Hartwig at Catawba College. 

Jeremy Walker for the submission “Development of pedagogical substitution laboratories for organic chemistry” with faculty advisor Sarah Goforth at Campbell University. 

Jasmine Wiitala for the submission “Investigating the antimicrobial properties of local versus non-local honey on human microbiota” with faculty advisor Steven Coggin at Catawba College.