Grants and Awards


Photo of a magnolia blooming in Chapel Hill, by Jess McCann

The NC Academy of Science offers 3 grants/awards: Bryden Grant (for graduate students), Yarbrough Grant (for undergraduates) and the Derieux Award (for undergraduates). 

Writing a research grant not only helps you to obtain expensive resources you need to complete a research project, but also forces you to organize your thoughts and fine tune your plans. This often results in a project that is more successful. Moreover, being awarded a grant is a great honor and tangibly demonstrates your critical thinking and communication skills. This makes a valuable entry for anyone's resume! 

Grant awardees are expected to present their results at the Annual Meeting, which is a great opportunity to network with other scientists!  Also, undergraduates have the opportunity to compete for the Derieux Award, given for best oral and poster presentations. See below for more information about our grants and awards. 

Bryden Grant

The Robert R. Bryden Research Awards grants up to $1000 to support graduate research, equipment and/or expenses related to attendance of scientific meetings. The application deadline is March 1, 2019. For more information about eligibility and how to apply, see the instructions for applicants.

Yarbrough Research Grant

The Yarbrough Research Grants program supports undergraduate research by providing grants to students who submit grant proposals judged meritorious of support. Approximately 4 grants are awarded annually and will typically consist of a few larger grants and numerous smaller grants. In recent years, grants have ranged from $30 to $500. Top awards may receive as much as $500 or more.

A call for the grant proposals and instructions for applicants are sent out in late fall along with details on how to submit the grant. The 2020 application due date will be posted soon. Past winners can be seen here.

Here’s a list of our 2019-2020 Yarbrough award winners!

Jeremy Brown for the submission “Efficacy of combined ultrasonic/antibiotic treatment for removal of complex biofilms from medical implant plastics” with faculty advisor Melanie Lee-Brown at Guilford College. 


Yarbrough Research Grant Winner Austin Snide

For the project: “Eggshell organizing factor 1 protein in Psorophora ferox mosquitos,” with advisor Carmony Hartwig at Catawba College


Yarbrough Research Grant Winner Jeremy Walker

For the project: “Development of pedagogical substitution laboratories for organic chemistry,” with advisor Sarah Goforth at Cambell University


Yarbrough Award winner Jasmine Wiitala

Pictured with her research partner Cheyenne Smith (right) for the project: “Investigating the antimicrobial properties of local versus non-local honey on human microbiota,” with their advisor Steven Coggin at Catawba College.

Derieux Awards

The Annual Meeting provides a forum for students to present their research. Presentations are judged and Derieux Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research are presented at an Awards Ceremony. Winners of first place awards are invited to submit a full manuscript of their research to the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science, the official journal of the NCAS. All judges use rubrics for judging posters and talks