Photo of lichens growing in Hillsborough, by Jess McCann

The objective of the North Carolina Academy of Science is to "encourage the advancement of science within the state of North Carolina by promotion of scientific research and by the fostering of education in the sciences". 

The NC Academy of Science (NCAS) consists of three branches: the Senior Academy, Collegiate Academy (officially Collegiate Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Science, CANCAS) and Student Academy (officially North Carolina Student Academy of Science, NCSAS), but all are components of the Academy. Find out more about the activities of each of these branches here.

At NCAS, we meet our objectives mainly through the following activities:

Through Publishing JNCAS

A peer reviewed scholarly journal, the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science, features research conducted primarily in the state of NC. 


We foster and encourage student involvement in the sciences through support of the Collegiate (CANCAS) and Student Academies (NCSAS).


A ghost crab on the beach in Emerald Isle, by Jess McCann

Through promoting scientific collaboration

We promote interactions among scientists and students throughout North Carolina. Our members include individuals from academia, industry, government, and all others who support the objectives and goals of the Academy.

THrough POSITION statements

NCAS frequently writes position statements that affect policy in North Carolina based on the best science available. See our past resolutions on climate change and hydraulic fracturing