The Senor Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Science is an organization of academic, corporate and governmental scientists as well as graduate students and citizen scientists. The Academy encourages public interest in science, conducts an annual meeting at a participating institution in NC (usually a college/university campus), publishes the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science, and provides leadership and support for the collegiate and student branches.


Benefits offered to membership in the Senior Academy include participation in the Annual Meeting, and a subscription to the NCAS Journal.  You will also receive the quarterly NCAS Newsletter, which features the work of scientists from across the state, as well as opportunities to apply for funding for student projects in your lab. 


Public policy: The North Carolina Academy of Science is part of the larger science community and is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). We strongly support the use of scientific evidence in policymaking, investing in STEM education, and are a strong advocate of the role of women and minorities in science. The Academy publishes position statements pertaining to pressing issues, including fracking and climate change.

Grants for Graduate Students: The Bryden Grant supports graduate research, equipment and/or expenses related to attendance of scientific meetings. To find out more, visit our Grants & Awards page.

Committees: Much of the work done under the NCAS umbrella is delegated to committees. For more information about how you can get involved, check out our Committees page. 

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting of NCAS is a joint venture of the Senior and Collegiate Academy branches.  The meeting is hosted by institutions across the state.  Recent hosts include Wake Technical Community College, High Point University, and Methodist University.  Perhaps this would be a great opportunity for your institution to host the next NCAS Annual Meeting!  

Other activities: Although our members are involved in many science related activities throughout the state, one event that the Senior and Collegiate Academy branches participate in jointly each year is Astronomy Days at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.  This event typically reaches over 14,000 individuals who are interested in science!